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Volunteers Packing Food
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A Helping Hand To Those In Need

The Stoney Creek Community Food Bank is a non-profit organization that aims to put an end to hunger in our community.


We are committed to responding to the needs of our community through food distribution.  Our team is made up completely of volunteers.


The Food Bank is blessed to be part of the supportive Stoney Creek community. This community of churches, service clubs, businesses, schools and individuals provides us with the required food and financial donations needed. In 2020, the Stoney Creek Community Food Bank distributed over $360,000 of food.

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The Stoney Creek Community Food Bank was established in 1991 to respond to the needs of people
requiring food assistance in the Stoney Creek area.


For the first 19 years of operation the Food Bank operated out of the old firehall on Lake Avenue South in downtown Stoney Creek.  In 2011, the firehall was demolished. and the Food Bank moved to the Saltfleet Community Centre at 605 Highway 8 in Stoney Creek. In 2023, we moved once again to our current location, inside the Stoney Creek Municipal Service building at 777 Highway 8 (at Jones Road).

The Food Bank is one of the Member agencies of Hamilton Food Share. Hamilton Food Share operates as a hub for procuring and distributing a significant amount of the food we offer on our shelves. In addition, Food Share offers valuable advice and leadership in Food Bank operations.

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Volunteers Packing Food
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The Stoney Creek Community Food Bank recognizes that sometimes all it takes to change the world is a little support.  The core of our efforts is to provide access to quality healthy foods to those who are struggling and in need.  We provide those in need with food. Our goal is to alleviate that unfortunate pressure by providing a variety of healthy foods.

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